Featuring Montana’s Original Wild Huckleberry

What is a Huckleberry?

  • A cousin/relative to a blueberry
  • Grows at elevations of 3,500 feet and higher
  • The variety that we have only grows in the western part or Montana and a little bit in the pan handle of Idaho.  Yes, there are other varieties of huckleberries in other states, but do not look or taste the same as ours.
  • Only grows wild, can’t be cultivated
  • The berry ranges in size from an eraser tip to a small grape and are dark purple
  • The delicious taste of them is sweet and tart, with very tiny seeds
  • Harvest time is usually late July through late August, depending on weather.  Some years it can start as early as the beginning of July and last until till beginning of October.

Because of the huckleberry’s unique flavor and elusive nature, it has become one of Montana’s hottest commodities.  Huckleberries are used to make preserves and syrups to candies, soaps and lotions.  We as a commercial business buy from the pickers by the pound once to twice a week until the season or quota is up.  Most often, if you don’t pick them yourself, folks will have to purchase them from a stand typically by the gallon, which have been selling for $100!  There are 5 pounds of berries to a gallon zip lock bag.  So enjoy them while you can!